Gail Nesbitt Jones grew up in Western Pennsylvania and she has relished and appreciated the richness of cultures which have been brought to Pittsburgh.  Along with that, a curiosity about "neighborhood" places was encouraged by Marsha Dugan Kolbe.  And so . . . Where We Like to Eat n 'At had its inception.  She lives in Mt. Lebanon, with her husband and two cats (one from Zambia and one from Egypt), and from where their three daughters have flown the coop to find neighborhood places elsewhere in the world.  (Pictured on the right)

Marsha Dugan Kolbe is a life-long resident of, and cheerleader for, the City of Pittsburgh.  She delights in biking the riverfronts and discovering new corners of the city by visiting little known eateries.  She lives in Highland Park with her husband, Al, and has raised three children who also love the 'Burgh. (Pictured on the left)






Lani Challburg Walker has lived all over the country beginning in
Honolulu but having called Pittsburgh home for eons. Although she and
her husband, now empty nesters, enjoy traveling to other cities and
sampling the cuisine in delightful, oft overlooked eateries, she is
excited by Pittsburgh's growing and diverse food scene. Lani loves the
character of Pittsburgh's neighborhoods, which are like no other, and
was excited to put pen to paper with the opportunity to capture some of
its architectural gems.

Lani can be reached at